Services for Raising Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chicken Consulting & Rental

Royal Roost offers a broad array of services related to raising and keeping a healthy flock of chickens. Available services include:

  • Breed Selection: We’ll help you choose the perfect finely feathered friends to fit your lifestyle.
  • Royal Roost Coops: Designing, building and seting up the perfect chicken coop for your property and flock – inside and out.
  • Egg-stravaganza! We provide care instructions to encourage your queens to produce the finest eggs in all the land.
  • Roost Duty: We’ll help you learn about coop cleaning and safe, legal waste disposal.
  • Learn More: Which Comes First? The Chicken or the… Education on the life cycle of your royal charmers
  • Need a break? Let us maintain while you’re away, so you can truly relax.
  • Roostscaping: Installation and maintenance of chicken-friendly plantings and gardens around your royal roost
  • Roost Companions: If you decide you’d like to add some other species to accompany your chicken flock, we’re happy to recommend and help you choose other small livestock most appropriate for your situation and lifestyle.
  • Rent-A-Roost: Rentals and maintenance of chicken coops for those who wish to have a “trial run” before committing to full-time chicken raising, or for families who only want to raise chickens seasonally. More info below!


Try Raising Backyard Chickens Before You Buy

Not sure you want to commit to a chicken flock of your own? Want to try it out before you buy? If so, our Rent a Royal Roost program is perfect for you! From June until October you can try 2 or 4 chickens in your yard without a permanent commitment!

Our chicken rental program includes delivery and setup of 2-4 chickens and a coop, feed and all the supplies you need, and education for you and your family on how to maintain a happy, healthy flock.

2 Chickens: $685
4 Chickens: $725

Price includes delivery and set up within a 20 mile radius of Pewaukee.
$60 for further distances.

For $350 you can buy out the rental + get a year of consultation with Karen, owner of Royal Roost.

Young girls with chicken rental and coop

Rent your own flock from June – October

Photo Gallery

Please enjoy this photo gallery of finished coops and gardens we’ve created and installed, new flocks we’ve introduced, and the owners we’ve educated to keep it all healthy, productive, beautiful and entertaining. Click on images to see the larger.
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