Life With Chickens

Life With Chickens

Raising chickens is more than a hobby. If you wish, it can become a lifestyle. That has certainly happened at our house. Here, the younger Krumenachers speak for themselves about their individual experiences with our backyard flock:

Emmett Krumenacher, 11“I love raising chickens because it gives me something to do when I am bored. I can go outside and read to the chickens. My part in helping raise chickens is I have to do food and water, collect eggs and clean coops. I am so happy that I started raising chickens when I am young, because it is a good experience for me and other younger kids.”

– Emmett Krumenacher, 11 

Broden Krumenacher, 12“Chicken raising is a life lesson of responsibility, but in a fun way. Although people think they smell and are loud, they don’t. People who don’t live with chickens don’t know what they’re missing out on.”

– Broden Krumenacher, 12

Owen Krumenacher, 15“Raising chickens is a good experience for younger kids, because it can teach and show life lessons that are easily missed by many people who don’t raise chickens.”

– Owen Krumenacher, 15

chloefly“Almost every memory I can remember has an animal involved in some way. My parents started raising chickens soon after I was born. Then gradually, as I got older, the number of chicks increased each year. Now we have plenty! Each and every animal that I have ever owned has influenced and shaped me in some way. I plan to study animal science when I go off to college and become a veterinarian, and I owe it all to those four chicks.”

– Chloe Krumenacher, 17