How Royal Roost Was Hatched

“Why would you want to raise ducks, when you could raise chickens and get fresh eggs?”

That’s how my sister-in-law’s mother replied when I had exclaimed in August of 1998, “I think we’ll get some ducks.”

Karen KrumenacherMy husband Thomas and I (8 months pregnant at the time) had moved out of the city of Milwaukee to a 3-acre parcel in the Lake Country area of Waukesha County. Anxious to “spread my wings” and immerse myself in all the nature and wildlife our new homestead offered, I knew I needed to have some feathered friends to converse with while I was out gardening.Tom and Chloe

The following April, we headed to Merton Feed Mill to pick out four Ameraucana pullets. I was totally blown away when Greg Serres at Merton Feed explained to us that Ameraucanas are known as the “Easter egg” laying chicken. This breed was the inspiration for Martha Stewart to start her line of paint colors with Sherwin Williams, basing the colors on the various shades of their eggshells!

Chickens in the yardOn the ride home, the discussion was about naming these chicks, which—to this day—remains an exciting time. With each new brood, our whole family gets involved in deciding on a naming theme. Year after year, this is still the most fun for our family! That first year, after very little thought, we had four little walking cotton balls named Dollar, Cash, Nickel and Penny.

Dog and feathersEver since then, my family and I have been raising our very own backyard chickens. As soon as each new year rolls around, we are giddy with excitement, knowing a new batch of chicks will soon be in our care. Not only has our chicken flock raising enterprise grown…so has my human family!

Family Time
We have a daughter, Chloe, 17; and sons Owen, 15; Broden, 12 and Emmett, 11. We’ve also added a dog, some goats, a turkey…even finally got those ducks I originally wanted! It’s turned into a real menagerie here at The Royal Roost, and I truly believe one of the best choices I have made in my life was raising chickens along with my human family.

Giving Back: Community Counts

Royal Roost is committed to being a business that gives back to the community that sustains it. Owner Karen Krumenacher sits on the Board of Directors of the Pewaukee Scholarship Fund, is a member of the Pewaukee High School Booster Club, and is an active member of the Pewaukee PTO.

Royal Roost also proudly supports

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